About SCF

About SCF

Through SCF blog I will be providing different training in Swahili by images, exercises, quiz, chat etc for people of all ages I mean adults and children.

Help your Kids to learn Swahili online

Help your child to learn with SCF blog. You will find ideas on how to use the materials with your child so together you can try different quiz, exercise etc. This blog is updated several times.

I will put more efforts in using current technology in teaching Swahili for foreigners through for all the people who would like to visit Tanzania or East African countries or for those who would like to learn Swahili.
Since I am capable of preparing and organize Swahili classes using different technology that I learned when I got here and I also do personal training online. I can use PowerPoint, Microsoft word, Google drive, creating websites and blogs etc to prepare learning materials

I love and will continue to sustain and promote Swahili every where especially on the Internet because I believe a large percentage of people are interested in learning languages online through websites and blogs. You can verify this by looking at other popular languages online.

I would like also to help those who need to learn Swahili directly if I have a chance. So do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Secilia NjauHi there!

Hi there!

About Me

My name is Secilia Njau.

I was born and raised in Shinyanga (Tanzania). Originally I am from Kilimanjaro where my parents were born and raised.

As a Swahili linguist interested in translation, interpretation and teaching Swahili to foreigners. I will always be happy to share the knowledge I have with others, please feel free to share any thing related to Swahili and English.
I grow up speaking Swahili and learn English in school, currently, I am fluent in English. Since this is the language I speak and work with every day. I spent most of my life in Shinyanga, Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam. Currently I live in USA.

I studied at theUniversity of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania),where I have B.A in Language Studies, my major was Swahili, English and Linguistics.

I have more than 7 years in translation and interpretation in both English and Swahili.
I have been teaching Swahili to foreigners face to face, university and online for three years.
I am also a founder of The African Linguist Network
You can also view some of my other professional links below

You can also view some of my other professional links below
Facebook page
The African Linguist Network


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