Methods to Learn Swahili

Method to learn Swahili

There are so many Swahili language learning strategies
In learning a language your surrounds can be your classroom—through home,school, entertainment and work.
Explore these options to find strategies of learning Swahili, strengths and challenges. Use the Internet and technology as an environment to make your tasks fun and interesting.

Skills include listening, speaking, memorization, reading, writing, and test taking. At the beginning memorization and repetition are important, but do not be discouraged if you seem to go too slowly.

Listening and understanding

Practice listening!

Watch videos and listen to music in Swahili, download Internet files with “speech” in the Swahili. Try to recognize words, even sounds. Don’t bother trying to understand, just get used to Swahili sound.

Use the language lab.
Prepare yourself by reading exercises, then put them aside and listen.
Only speak or write when asked to.
When others in class speak, listen for what they say and mentally build images of their answers—in the language itself.
Listen while a tutor or friend reads to you—
maybe even something as simple as a children’s book.

Make friend with a native speaker and practice!


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